Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Presidential Candidates

Sorry for the break.  I've been handling some shit.  Now for my views on the GOP presidential candidates.  Truth be told, I will not vote for any of these guys.  I consider myself a liberal moderate.  This group as a whole seems to have started at the far right and pushed themselves into right wing radical territory.  I think this is because the presumed, current, not-for-long front runner, Mitt Romney, was viewed as a moderate.  Everyone knows Moderates usually don't win primaries.  So Romney's opponents went as far right as they could.  This forced Romney to follow them once he started losing steam.  And now the GOP is in the position they are in, a weak field of candidates ruining their chances to get elected by distancing themselves from moderates, because the GOP's base is essentially a gang of religious zealots who feel threatened by other people's freedom.

Mitt Romney

This guy is the quintessential Republican candidate.  He ran a company, Bane Capital, that would buy businesses and tear them apart or combine them to try and form a super company.  There was a scandal that cost him the chance to win his Senate race against Ted Kennedy.  You see what had happened was his company bought a paper company.  They fired everyone and offered them the chance to rehire with a caveat.  They would have to take a 25% pay cut and work longer hours on top of changing the culture of the work place.  One worker said, "It was like working in another country." on his return.  That's the American way, right Rascals?  This guy won't get my vote, because all of the things he did as governor of Massachusetts I liked (public health for example) he has backed away from in his attempt to scurry to the far right.

Rick Santorum

I'm utterly convinced this douche nozzle is the Osama bin Laden of the American right.  He is a religious extremist (He thinks Christianity needs to be "defended" by the government), a notorious homophobe (google santorum), and a lying tool (imho).

Newt Gingrich

This dude is cray as shit son.  He opposes gay marriage, because it will destroy the "sanctity" of marriage.  Yet this grinning jack ass has been married 3 times.  His first wife was his geometry teacher 7 years his senior.  He got divorced and remarried his mistress.  Allegedly he divorced this 2nd floozy, because he wanted to bone other people and she wasn't cool with it.  He divorced this 2nd broad and married his third wife, whom he was cheating on his 2nd wife with.  See a pattern?  Oh, this last divorce happened while he was investigating Clinton for lying....about cheating on his wife.  What a piece of shit.  The fact that this dude ever had a chance speaks to the quality of shit running for the GOP nomination.

Well there you have it.  I'm not even going into Ron Paul because of time and that dude is cray.  So which piece of shit do you think is going to win the nomination?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Thoughts

Dearest Rascals,
So the Patriots lost the Superbowl; consequently my prediction failed.  I got the margin of victory right, but for the wrong team.  I did tell some friends I went out with the day before that no matter who I picked, I was going to pick wrong, so I have a little vindication in that respect.  Congrats to the Giants and their fans.  The game capped an interesting season.  As a Bears fan I had some highs and way too many lows.  All things considered, I'm happy the owners and players could agree to a new deal and play football.  Next up, the draft!  I had a dream that the Bears picked a big receiver with the 19th pick.  Weird, cause they don't have the 19th pick.  Enjoy the offseason friends.