Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Relaxing Walk

Today my camera and I went on a little walk by the river near my house.  It was super relaxing and it gave me a great chance to think, relax, and enjoy nature.  I feel nowadays we've become too disconnected from nature and the animal part of us suffers because of it.  We're lacking something.  During my walk I imagined how fun it must've been to sleep outside, hunt for your food, and return to the state of nature.  Hobbes describes the state of nature in rather disparaging terms.  However I'd like to spend a day there once to see for myself.  As long as I could return to my modern comforts, I could handle a little nature and some part of me needs to indulge the animal that hasn't evolved out of me yet.  Here are some pics I took.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hola Rascals,
I've been doing some soul searching as of late and decided I should investigate adding some religion to my life.  I did a little research on Hinduism.  I thought it was very enlightening.  It certainly gave me a lot to think about in regards to my place here and the cycle of existence we all seem to be going through.  My thoughts seem a little clearer now, for whatever reason.  Here's where I went to start:

Yes, that is a Hinduism for dummies website.  Whatever.  I really like the free flowing nature of Hinduism and how well it fits with my observation of the universe.  It seems peaceful.  It gets my mind going on a lot of interesting tangents in the search for the one true knowledge.  My problem is also the free flowing nature of Hinduism.  I like how one needs to put in the work to acquire more knowledge.  It's not easily packed into one book like the bible; you have to look around.  However the internet, or at least the sites I've found are not helping me much in my search for more information on how one would get started in this religion.  Thus my dilemma and where you enter.  If you know a good way to get started getting involved in Hinduism, please post a comment below.  Help a brother out!  If you're looking for religion or find this topic interesting, please click the link above and investigate a little more.  I'm certainly going to keep looking!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Here's a poem I wrote during professional development

Hiya Rascals,
Here's the poem:

The Walk to the Sun
It's a long road.
We're at mile 324
on the highway to the Sun.
There is no water to be found.
The end is far.
My steps slow.
The miles grow longer.

Respite comes in our companionship.
The road is long,
but our strength is strong.
We falter and stumble.
Our feet drag.
The heat beats down on us,
increasing intensely every step.
Mile 398

I hope you enjoyed this!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

PSN is down, fuuuuuuuuuu

Hello Rascals,
Playstation Network is down so I've had to waste my Sunday in a way I didn't prefer.  I cleaned up from a party yesterday, which is all well and good.  I putz around on COD:BO before the network went down.  I watched the Twilight Zone when the network did go down.  Then I played BF:3 single player.  Ugh.  I hope the single player for that game is short, because I have absolutely no interest in finishing it.  I flew more in BLOPS than I have so far in BF3, which was surprising.  I need the network back up!  Which brings me to my point.  I am losing faith in whoever is running PSN.  There was the credit card hack scandal and now this crappy scheduling. I understand it wasn't originally scheduled for this time, but they could've waited a few hours when more people weren't planning on playing.  I'm throwing out a big dislike to PSN today.  I hope you all found more fulfilling ways to spend your day, or, own an X-Box.