Thursday, May 10, 2012

Don't Call It a Comeback....

Hi Rascals,
I'd like to apologize for my absence.  Work has been busy.  I've been searching for another job however, which also takes time.  I just want to find a half way decent place to work that doesn't involve crazy hours or crazy kids.  In addition to that my insurance is trying to screw me over, so I've had to wait on the line quite a bit.  Last weekend I went to Madison for what was supposed to be the world's biggest block party.  Unfortunately the dean of students and police intimidated the students into not going out and celebrating.  It was sad.  Fortunately I managed to have fun in other ways with friends and the trip was both much needed and totally worth it. Also I started dating a woman who is really exceptional.  I feel like the energy I put out towards her gets returned.  We agree on a lot of things.  She interests me.  She's funny.  She's beautiful. Et cetera, et cetera.  So she takes up a lot of time.  Unfortunately, all of these excuses mean I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like.  So here I am checking in and letting you all know that your support means a lot to me.  I will begin recommenting on blogs I've missed and hopefully get back in the loop.  Smell ya later!


  1. Thorough checkup - good luck in your new relationship and your job search

  2. Meeting the girl of your dreams is more important than blogging. That's for darn sure.

  3. I second Jimmy here.

    Nice read, though. :)

  4. Let's hope you return someday.