Friday, April 6, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

Hola Rascals,
Lately I've found myself more self-aware of negative thoughts I'm having.  Whether it's a situation with money, health, family, or work, I seem to have a lot of negative "energy".  I really think it is beginning to erode my relationships with friends and mow down my love life (or lack thereof).  However, being aware of this, I am attempting to train myself to think more positively.  When I catch myself having a negative thought I force myself to process through why the negative thought was wrong and make a positive thought.  It's working so far.  I feel a lot happier and am not getting so down.  What're your experiences with this?  Have you overcame something similar?  Lemme know!


  1. I know how you are feeling. I was once kind of like this, and I found that it took more energy out of me than being positive. Look at the people around you, I found that really helped me. Be happy for all of your friends, and don't hang out with people who bring you down constantly. That is really the first step that I went through.

  2. despair is the path of least resistance

  3. I know a guy who's like that. I wish he'd think more positively like you. :\

  4. I wish everyone could just think about things positively. My advice is to laugh as much as you can as often as possible. That's the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.

  5. The power of positive thinking has allowed me to do what I'm doing today; my university course, independent living, all because of positive thinking.
    All it takes sometimes to help someone is a little bit of positive energy, good post.