Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Relaxing Walk

Today my camera and I went on a little walk by the river near my house.  It was super relaxing and it gave me a great chance to think, relax, and enjoy nature.  I feel nowadays we've become too disconnected from nature and the animal part of us suffers because of it.  We're lacking something.  During my walk I imagined how fun it must've been to sleep outside, hunt for your food, and return to the state of nature.  Hobbes describes the state of nature in rather disparaging terms.  However I'd like to spend a day there once to see for myself.  As long as I could return to my modern comforts, I could handle a little nature and some part of me needs to indulge the animal that hasn't evolved out of me yet.  Here are some pics I took.


  1. sweet photos man. Support me i support you?

  2. I'd definatly like to live for a few weeks in the wild.

  3. Looks great. Way better than the weather around here. It snowed over the weekend. Seriously. :\

  4. I wouldn't have lasted very long living out in the elements.... probably would have caught the death of cold out there. Thanks to your blog, and various shows on my local PBS station, I can view nature from a safe distance.

  5. Looks like the weather and lighting have been really good for your shots.
    Good stuff man!