Sunday, January 8, 2012


The first game of the NFL playoffs was kind of a surprise to me.  It was between the Bengals and Texans.  The Texans were starting their 3rd string QB.  They lost the 1st two to season ending injuries.  Most teams tank when they lose their starting QB, much less the backup too (See: Chicago).  However the Texans have battled through injuries  this year and showed a lot of resolve in beating the Bengals.  The Bengals were a surprise team to make the playoffs judging from what people thought at the beginning of the year.  The game was a tale of a team in the process of rebuilding and a team flying wounded.  The Texans got the upper hand in this one, 31-10.

The other game was between the Saints and the Lions.  The Saints easily beat the Lions if you only look at the final score.  Truth be told, the Lions won the 1st half and the Saints dominated the 2nd.  This one came down to the Saints capitalizing on the Lions mistakes; and the Lions' failure to do so when they had the opportunity.  This one showed the Lions room for growth.  I'm not sure why people give Stafford so much credit.  Dude is throwing to Megatron and has a 1st round pick in TE Brandon Pettigrew.  He has the weapons and should be more successful if he is the elite QB the analysts are saying he is.  

My picks for today's games are Denver by 3 over Pittsburgh and the Giants by 7 over Atlanta.  Enjoy the games ya'll.