Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Hi Rascals,
I just watched Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar movie via Amazon's On Demand.  They decided to release it online, On Demand first and then theatrically release it.  I must say, it met my expectations.  No spoilers ahead.

If you've seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!  you know that plot is secondary to stylized content and an absurdity that leaves you either gagging or bent over laughing.  This movie has a plot that is able to sustain it for the full 90 minutes.  I was thankful they pretty much stuck to one plot line with only a few "commercials" throughout.  The movie certainly had its disgusting parts, but they were hilarious too and timed well with the emotional plot swings.  I've got the movie rented for two days and will probably watch it again tonight or tomorrow.  I highly recommend it if you are a Tim and Eric/absurdity fan.  Hail Shrim.  Great Job!



  1. I love Tim and Eric so much. Glad to hear the movie is good.

  2. Really looking forward to see this one.

  3. Tim and Eric sound to be this generation's Bill and Ted, or Wayne and Garth.