Sunday, March 4, 2012

PSN is down, fuuuuuuuuuu

Hello Rascals,
Playstation Network is down so I've had to waste my Sunday in a way I didn't prefer.  I cleaned up from a party yesterday, which is all well and good.  I putz around on COD:BO before the network went down.  I watched the Twilight Zone when the network did go down.  Then I played BF:3 single player.  Ugh.  I hope the single player for that game is short, because I have absolutely no interest in finishing it.  I flew more in BLOPS than I have so far in BF3, which was surprising.  I need the network back up!  Which brings me to my point.  I am losing faith in whoever is running PSN.  There was the credit card hack scandal and now this crappy scheduling. I understand it wasn't originally scheduled for this time, but they could've waited a few hours when more people weren't planning on playing.  I'm throwing out a big dislike to PSN today.  I hope you all found more fulfilling ways to spend your day, or, own an X-Box.




  1. Good thing I have a Xbox haha. No fanboying here, I just can't remember the last time XBL went down.

  2. Pc gaming is where it is at, but I do have an Xbox for that every now and then I want to nostalgia with Halo 3.

  3. I would totally PC game if I could afford to buy a new computer. I've heard Xbox Live is better than PSN. I would venture to say that it's true, from what little I know.

  4. It sure is short, really enjoyed it though!