Friday, March 9, 2012

Here's a poem I wrote during professional development

Hiya Rascals,
Here's the poem:

The Walk to the Sun
It's a long road.
We're at mile 324
on the highway to the Sun.
There is no water to be found.
The end is far.
My steps slow.
The miles grow longer.

Respite comes in our companionship.
The road is long,
but our strength is strong.
We falter and stumble.
Our feet drag.
The heat beats down on us,
increasing intensely every step.
Mile 398

I hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Lovely poem! Jeez nearly 400 miles wow!

  2. Love the poem. Kinda puzzled by the meaning though. There must be some significance to the numbers you chose to mention.

  3. It's a lot nicer than most of the poems I've written. :P

  4. Pretty good insight!

    You know I would love if a writer talented like you would visit my blog and check things out!

    Let me know,